Spring Maintenance

We have had a Very Harsh winter.  To be sure your car can survive the spring and  summer months , call for an appointment so that we can check  it over  looking  for anything that Old Man Winter might have hurt.  Your car may seem fine from the top but we can put it on the lift to inspect the bottom.

Gift Cards Now Available

We now have gift cards to purchase in any dollar amount.  Get them for gifts for your family and friends to keep there cars in tip top shape!


Mr Best Wrench is now a New York  State Retail Car Dealer able to purchase used cars for resale.  If you are looking for a good used car, call us, we can find whatever type of car you have in mind!  Also if you are purchasing a new or used car and don’t know what to do with your old car, call us.  We can  purchase your car from you and save you the problem of selling it yourself or trading it in.


We are now a dealer for  Torq  Storm superchargers.  Go to Torq Storm .com for information on a kit for your car  to increase HP !

Need Tires?


We sell and install all brands of tires.    Whatever size or type of tire you need we can get and  install the same day, call us !  Also we can align the car for maximum tire wear and great handling!